Mudzini School opened to students September 4th after 4 years of planning and building and challenge.

Children lined up at 8:20 am and were greeted with handshakes and "welcome" by the principal and then gathered in the dining hall to meet their teachers and head to their classroom. For some, this was the first time they have ever been in a school. Eventually there will be 900 girls and boys across 44 classrooms. We started with 9 classrooms: 3 KG classes and grades 1-6. We hope that these pictures help you see and feel how you have helped create a school like no other. And how you have helped children take their first steps to college. Thank you. The first week of classes at Mudzini School is in the books! Check out these pictures for a brief snapshot into the highlights of the week. It is our hope that you get a sense of the culture of Mudzini School, and why it is truly a school like no other.